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Some may be aware that I am the current President and a Co-founder along with my son, L.J. who is currently attending Dartmouth College, of the now one year old Saratoga (N.Y.) Region convivium of Slow Food USA. We are committed to supporting food that is "good, clean and fair," whether local (preferably) or from elsewhere. We have the good fortune of living in an area of high quality food with many wonderful artisanal farms and producers. To keep it that way and to make it even better, they need our support, especially in these extremely trying economic times. I am happy to say that the convivium, thanks to member Beth Dellarocco, now has its own website and blog, from which to keep track of and participate in our activities. In addition to the links within this post, I have added a link to the blog in my sidebar.

If you reside in the Saratoga Region of N.Y. or are visiting, please join us as we partake of and support the agricultural and culinary firmament of this wonderful area. Details of upcoming events will be available on that blog.

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  1. John Sconzo says:

    Slow Food Saratoga Region has just established a facebook group for anyone who may be interested.

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