A Simple Pleasure

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 Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. I had one of those simple pleasures for breakfast using all locally made ingredients. I used Michael London's Fire Bread from Mrs. London's in Saratoga, N.Y., smeared it with pumpkin butter from Albert and Pat Sheldon's Sheldon Farms in Salem, N.Y., and layered it with fromage blanc from Eliza Porter's Homestead Artisans farm in Argyle, N.Y. All the ingredients were top notch. The combination was simple, but perfect. The bread provided a nice earthy base, the pumpkin butter some flavor and gentle sweetness and the cheese just the right tang and creaminess to pull it all together. Having purchased all the ingredients, it was eminently simple to put together, however, on further reflection, adding in the care, skill and work that went into producing those products, perhaps it wasn't so simple after all.

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  1. Carey says:

    pumpkin butter… sounds delicious.

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