Taste of the Week – January 24th -31st

With this feature, I aim to record the single most interesting, unique or delicious bite I tried over the previous week. Considering I spent the bulk of this past week in Lyon, France attending the Bocuse D’Or IMG_3414 - 2009-01-29 at 09-16-06
and SIRHA exposition, I ate many interesting, memorable and delicious things. To narrow down to one would seem to be difficult, but in this case was surprisingly easy. It was not necessarily the most “delicious” thing I ate (though it was delicious), but it was the most unique. Macarons must be as close a national cookie as there is in France. I sampled a number of very good ones, but by far the most interesting was a cepe macaron from Chocolat Seve at Les Halles de Lyon. The macaron had all the textural beauty of its type with a pure and clear flavor of cepe. The macaron was well balanced with a hint of sweetness to go along with its savory gusto. Seve had other savory macarons to go along with the cepe. Another that I tried was the foie gras, which again offered a compelling foie gras flavor.

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