Breaking News: Rick Moonen Reinventing the RM Seafood Experience

When I read on John Curtas' outstanding Eating Las Vegas blog that Chef Rick Moonen was closing his upstairs flagship restaurant, RM Seafood, I grew concerned that was another high profile casualty of the downtrodden global economy. ELV went on to explain that the downstairs classic American seafood restaurant would remain open and that Moonen planned on eventually re-opening the upstairs fine dining restaurant, but that it would be "shuttered… for the forseeable future." Curtas wrote that Moonen is bringing in Chef Adam Sobel to help him revise his menus. Not being entirely sure of what this all really meant and still fearing for the worst despite Curtas' reassurance, I got in touch with Chef Moonen directly and spoke with him on the phone tonight.

I was pleased to hear directly from the source, that this is not a "doom and gloom" situation. Believing that every crisis presents opportunity, Moonen views the current economic and political situation in this country as an opportunity to get his message of sustainability and the importance of maintaing the environment out to the public. He plans on "reinventing the dining experience" of RM Seafood, which is about to undergo renovations before re-opening this summer alongside the opening of The Lion King at Mandalay Bay (replacing the recently closed Mama Mia).

Needless to say, I was relieved. There is altogether too much bad news floating around at the moment. I am happy that this is one less piece of it.

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