Breaking News – Ferrero by Francisco Morales y Rut Cotroneo

it was announced today that Francisco "Paco" Morales, the brilliant young Spanish chef, formerly of Senzone in Madrid, and his equally brilliant sommelier wife, Rut Cotroneo, also formerly of Senzone, have signed on to run the restaurant at the small luxury property Hotel Ferrero in the Spanish region of Valencia. Located in the mountains between the cities of Valencia and Alicante in southeastern Spain, this opportunity will hopefully provide the talented young couple the means to continue and expand upon what they started at Senzone. The restaurant will be called Ferrero by Francisco Morales y Rut Cotroneo. I am not currently sure of their anticipated start date.

Addendum: Paco and Rut are busy now organizing the restaurant. they anticipate opening sometime in mid-April.

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4 Responses to Breaking News – Ferrero by Francisco Morales y Rut Cotroneo

  1. gianluca says:

    That’s a bummer, I was really looking forward to visiting Senzone when I’ll be in Madrid next month.
    Do you have other suggestions for similar restaurants to go to in Madrid?
    thanks a lot

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Go visit them in Valencia!
    If you can’t do that, two restaurants in Madrid that I really enjoyed are Kabuki Wellington – sushi with a Spanish flair and Europa Deco in the Urban Hotel. Another restaurant that I really, really want to eat at, but so far have been unable to is DiverXo.

  3. gianluca says:

    Unfortunatey Valencia is too far from our planned tour 🙁
    Thanks for the suggestions, do you know who took over the kitchen at Senzone? any other ideas for great places to eat in Madrid? (or Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona 🙂
    for now we have a reservation at Senzone (before reading this post…), Hacienda Benazuza in Sevilla (no reservation at elBulli, so I might as well go for the classics…) and was planning to try Comerc24 in Barcelona.
    thanks a lot!

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