A Brief Rant on a Waiter

In general I appreciate enthusiasm, however, it does have its limits. The other night my wife and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant that we had not been to since the space changed hands a few years ago. Our dinner was good, albeit unspectacular, however, our waiter was a bit too enthusiastic. I didn't mind that he thought every dish exceptional and congratulated us on our selections. The extremely friendly and gregarious waiter has become a fixture in American restaurants for better or worse depending on the individual. What put this situation over the top on the annoyance scale was that when he returned to see how we liked our dinners, he didn't just ask us if or how we liked them. He asked, "How were your dinners, very good, uh, excellent even!?" before we could respond. Now the dinners weren't bad, but please don't put words in our mouths. The food is enough, thank you.

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6 Responses to A Brief Rant on a Waiter

  1. tp says:

    where did you go my friend??

  2. rjwong says:

    John, did you let the management know about this situation?
    This reminds me of a time where I had a wonderful meal at a bistro and the server was quite persistent with the question, “How are you?” after every course. At the end of the meal, I replied, “You don’t have to ask me anymore, I’m fine, thank you.”
    I’ll go back to the restaurant and see if she’s still there and remembers.

  3. John Sconzo says:

    I did not let management know as it was a quirk that irritated me and nothing more. The waiter did an otherwise good job.This happened to be a convenient place to vent about it, though. The actual restaurant doesn’t really matter as I am neither recommending for against it.

  4. jazzngas says:

    I’m guessing it was Chez Sophie or Bloomer’s and hoping it wasn’t Maestro’s.

  5. RobertR says:

    If others are guessing I’ll also take a shot.
    The Inn at Erlowest.

  6. Roberto N. says:

    The extremely friendly waiter may be bad enough as it is, but it’s terrible when taken into another language or culture. Chili’s, Applebee’s and places like that have done that here in Mexico…

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