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Madrid Fusión – Day One – The Amazon Pantry

Peru represents one of the most fascinating culinary cultures in the world. Its inherent product diversity is second to no other country in the world from its Andean potatoes and corn to its coastal seafood to its Amazonian fruit and […]

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Breaking News: Rick Moonen Reinventing the RM Seafood Experience

When I read on John Curtas' outstanding Eating Las Vegas blog that Chef Rick Moonen was closing his upstairs flagship restaurant, RM Seafood, I grew concerned that was another high profile casualty of the downtrodden global economy. ELV went on […]

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Madrid Fusión – Day One – Mexican Soups

Ricardo Muñoz y Zurriega is known for his  Diccionario Enciclopedico De Gastronomia Mexicana, an
exhaustive, authoritative compendium of the cooking of all parts of Mexico. Unfortunately it is only available in Spanish and has been out of print for some […]

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Breaking News – Ferrero by Francisco Morales y Rut Cotroneo

it was announced today that Francisco "Paco" Morales, the brilliant young Spanish chef, formerly of Senzone in Madrid, and his equally brilliant sommelier wife, Rut Cotroneo, also formerly of Senzone, have signed on to run the restaurant at the small […]

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Chris Halloran Photographer

I just came across a Photography blog belonging to a college classmate of mine, Chris Halloran, a professional photographer based in Arizona. His photos of people, landscapes, close-ups, sports and other subjects are outstanding. Ironically, given that my blog is […]

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Taste of the Week – February 15th-21st

This was a good week with a number of tastes that would have been my "taste of the week" in many another week, such as the Vietnamese lobster chowder at Chez Sophie in Saratoga, and a variety of items at […]

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Madrid Fusión – Day One – Imagination

The chef, Paco Ron, who recently brought his Asturian restaurant Taberna Viavelez to Madrid was tapped to be the first up to talk and give a demonstration of what has become a major trend as well as a significant theme […]

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Madrid Fusion 2009 – Day One – Winter Vegetables

Having posted an overview, the time get down to brass tacks with a description of my experience of the congress is long overdue. I will report on what I witnessed. While I caught a good part of the Congress, it […]

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L’Auberge de Paul Bocuse

One can’t really eat history, but one can feel it and soak it up. Paul Bocuse is the living embodiment of French cuisine of the latter half of the twentieth century. There are no more than a handful of chefs […]

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The Albert Adria Interview in Its Entirety

Thanks to Pau Arenos, the author of this important interview for permission to reproduce it in its entirety. The interview is available in Spain in a print only format. So far as I know, the original article is not […]

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