My Top Restaurant Meals of 2008

Corton – NYC

Ideas in Slow Food – Queensbury, N.Y.

Alinea – Chicago

Bartolotta – Las Vegas

Asturianos – Madrid

Europa Deco – Madrid

Cafe Atlantico/minibar – Washington, D.C.

Moto – Chicago

Soto – NYC

RM Seafood – Las Vegas

Astrid y Gaston – Madrid

Tailor – NYC

Noca – Scottsdale

Raku – Las Vegas

Frontera Grill – Chicago

Cucharamama – Hoboken

Shang – NYC

Honorable mentions:

India – set menus & group dining, great food, difficult to separate.
El Mexicano, Farmhouse at Top of the World & Max London's – multiple meals at excellent & favorite local standbys
Banquet meals at Madrid Fusion & Starchefs – great chefs cooking wonderful meals together.

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  1. wendell says:

    looks yummy!

  2. wendell says:

    looks yummy!

  3. wendell says:

    looks yummy!

  4. wendell says:

    looks yummy!

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