A Collection of Culinary Genius


Madrid Fusion put together quite an impressive array of chefs when they decided to honor the ten chefs they considered the most influential in the world over the past decade. The bottom row from L to R included Juan Marie Arzak, Ferran Adria, Nobu Matsuhisa and Charlie Trotter. Top row : Sebastien Bras representing his father Michel, Pierre Gagnaire, Pierre Herme, Heston Blumenthal, Thomas Keller and Gualtieri Marchesi.

While some may argue that some of these chefs' greatest influences
occurred before the last ten years and that other deserving chefs
should have made this list, there was no doubting the sheer amount of
culinary genius and influence together on the stage at the same time. What's more,
there were quite a few chefs nearly as notable in the audience
applauding them on.

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