Sugar and Ice


It's not for the faint of heart nor for
the faint of stomach, but the croissant with egg, ham and Swiss
cheese from Sugar and Ice at the Wynn Hotel is good, real good.
Combining a croissant from noted French Patissier and former head
patissier for the Alain Ducasse empire, Fredéric Robert, with a folded egg
omelet, a pile of ham and an ooze of melted Swiss cheese, this
two-handed sandwich is designed to provide sustenance for some time
after one is finished enjoying its buttery richness. I lasted from
morning until a late dinner fueled from the sandwich alone. Given its
already reasonable price for Las Vegas and figuring that I saved who
knows how much more money, by not having to eat lunch, the sandwich
proved to be a great investment in addition to a satisfying gustatory


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