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A nice thing about having a dinner party is having some good leftovers. I bought way too many Nantucket bay scallops from Browne Trading and only used a portion of them. I planned on using them Saturday, but since the weather forecast for this past Friday was bad (correct as it was), I had them shipped for Thursday arrival. By Friday they were still wonderful raw and yet again on Saturday. By Sunday, they were probably still ok, but my thinking began to shift away from eating them raw. I cooked some of them on Saturday night with a quick sauté adding olive oil,  Maldon sea salt and lemon zest, but we needed to use some other leftovers on Sunday too. Although we had run out of Italian rices (nono on the Vialone nano), my wife and I thought a risotto might not be a bad idea. She had made lobster stock from last week's lobster shells and we found some Spanish bomba rice, so it was a go. After cooking some shaved leeks and a few leftover clams in olive oil, adding saffron into the lobster stock and toasting the rice, I began the process of stirring the lobster stock into the bomba. Once that was far enough along, I added some leftover baby spinach and then frozen peas and finished with a generous helping of the scallops. I prefer the nano for risotto, but the dish wasn't bad. I wouldn't have bought the Nantucket scallops specifically for this dish as they got a bit overwhelmed by the lobster stock, but it was a nice way to use them and a few other ingredients up.

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  1. John LoGioco says:

    Hey John – thanks for adding the SaveTheBluefin link in the sidebar of your blog. I love to see culinary experts have a voice on this issue. I am sure lots of chefs this new year’s eve will be serving bluefin due to not being updated on the situation so thanks.

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