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Ideas in Slow Food

Slow Food is all about local and traditional food, right? Right –
mostly. Slow Food does encompass and embrace the locavore movement and
the preservation of traditional foods and techniques is of paramount
importance to Slow Food, however, Slow Food encompasses even […]

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Cucharamama – Pan-Latino Brunch in Hoboken

Though the cooking of Mexico plays at most a minimal part on the menu of Cucharamama, there are a number of similarities between this restaurant and Topolobampo/Frontera Grill in Chicago starting with the Chef-restaurateurs, Maricel Presilla and Rick Bayless. Both […]

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Shang – Susur Lee Comes to NYC

I first became aware of Susur Lee and his cooking earlier in this decade from an article in, I believe, Gourmet magazine. The article featured Lee and his then new restaurant in Toronto called, fittingly, "Susur." It described his background […]

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Merry Christmas!


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A Return to Madrid

Looking ahead towards Madrid Fusión 2009, I thought back to my last visit to Madrid for Madrid Fusión 2008, which in turn brought back memories from my first visit to that wonderful city.
The first time I was in Madrid, […]

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A nice thing about having a dinner party is having some good leftovers. I bought way too many Nantucket bay scallops from Browne Trading and only used a portion of them. I planned on using them Saturday, but since the […]

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For a special Christmas treat for my family I thought I would try my hand at roasting a suckling pig. Having had a few versions this year both in Spain at Madrid Fusión and at Casa Lucio as well as […]

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Snow Fun

This weekend's blizzard caused a lot of hassles and wreaked havoc for many including myself and my family. A family get together to celebrate the Christmas holiday ultimately split in two with one occurring at my home as originally planned […]

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Leaving Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more complicated than it appears on the surface. A city of glitz, glamor and excess, it also is the home of real talent and dedication. During the few days I spent there, I met and got to […]

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Alex at the Wynn: Opulent Decadence

Alessandro Stratta, aka "Alex" is one of the chefs who defines what Las Vegas cuisine is all about. Stratta first came to Las Vegas in 1998, likely making him the longest tenured chef cooking in residence in that city. He […]

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