The NYC Chocolate Fashion Show – Part Two

Pier 94 is a large exhibition space (55,ooo square feet for the show) located at 12th Avenue and 55th Street on the river side of the West Side Highway. It is not the most easily accessible location in Manhattan, but it is amenable to all but the largest conventions. This was the first time the Chocolate Fashion show was held there. I hightailed it up from the Alinea at the Astor Center event by cab with time to spare before the fashion show took place, but I missed the details of fitting the costumes to the models.

I did, however, get backstage to see the final preparations before the models took to the runway. The scene was hectic, colorful and just a little chaotic to the previously uninitiated such as myself. It was also a lot of fun. I was in time to see Poirier put the final touches on Lara Croft (I never did get the model’s name) and to be part of her official photo shoot.

It was not long before the show was set to begin, so I made my way back out front and found a spot at the end of the runway already jam-packed with photographers. Put on to benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure NYC affiliate, the evening drew a large crowd that filled all the seats in the hall. Hosted by CBS evening news anchor, Chris Wragge, the event started with a number of introductions including Sylvie Douce and Francois Jeantet, the founders of the International Chocolate Show that take place in Russia, Japan, France, Spain and China in addition to NYC.

The models took to the stage with attitude as they flaunted their imaginative, flavorful and often skimpy costumes. The theme of "Chocolate Super-Hero Collection" was clever as were the designs created to bring the theme to life. A few of the characters were classic and recognizable to me such as "Lara Croft," "Wonder Woman," "Batgirl," "Poison Ivy," "Xena Warrior Princess," "Ironman" and "Barbarella." A couple such as "Storm" and "Black Phoenix" would have been if I had greater super-hero literacy and a few were outright creations for the event such as "Black Widow," "Glamour Girl," "Cape of the Hero/Evil Doer/bumbling sidekick," "Villain to Mother Nature(Oil Spill)" and  a collaborative effort between fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez and Jacques Torres that featured a cholate body-painted male body builder sporting chocolate dumbbells. After the initial promenades, he models returned to the stage with their designers for a return visit.

After the fashion show, the chocolate show itself was open for a preview.

For more photos of the fashion show see the photo album.

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