Remembering My Father

 My father, Lawrence J. Sconzo, M.D. meant a lot to me and I think of him often, even as today marks twelve years since he passed away at the age of 84. If one examines the conception wheel charts that predict pregnancy due dates and if I was born on my due date, I was conceived on my father's 46th birthday. Happy birthday! I couldn't imagine how I'd be right now with a three year old, though that didn't stop him from being a wonderful father to me and a major (perhaps the major) influence on my life.

Pop was a huge sports fan, especially baseball and college football. Originally a fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he converted to the NY Mets when they were born. I followed in his footsteps. The first in his family to go to college, as an Italian Catholic from Brooklyn in the 1930's he chose to attend the University of Alabama because "they won the Rose Bowl." The amazing thing, given the era, was that he loved it and became a life-long supporter of the University and especially its football time. It didn't hurt that he had gone to school with "Bear" Bryant. While I did not follow his footsteps to Tuscaloosa (much to his chagrin), I became a fan. He is smiling now, I'm sure, now that the Tide is back to a number 1 ranking again (beware Auburn).

I did follow his footseps again into medicine, though he never could understand my choice of Anesthesiology as a specialty. He was a GP with a special love of Obstetrics.

I would probably not be writing this blog, which is mostly about food and the love of it were it not for him. While his tastes and preferences were not broad – he principally ate Italian, American, Chinese and "Continental" foods with disdain for anything else – he loved what he ate and he loved to eat. One of his favorite sayings, which I have always taken to heart was "Anything in moderation." That is the only diet I follow, the only difference is that I have extended my culinary tastes into a much broader world. He never would have enjoyed much of the food I get so much pleasure from, but I never would have been able to derive so much pleasure from it without his influence.

Thanks, Pop.

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