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The NYC Chocolate Fashion Show – Part Two

Pier 94 is a large exhibition space (55,ooo square feet for the show) located at 12th Avenue and 55th Street on the river side of the West Side Highway. It is not the most easily accessible location in Manhattan, but […]

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Edible Manhattan

While at the Union Square Green market last Saturday, I picked up a copy of the latest issue (No. 2) of Edible Manhattan, the new magazine "celebrating Gotham’s Food Culture, Season by season." While the magazine is mostly available online […]

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The NYC Chocolate Fashion Show – Part One

The main purpose for my visit to NYC last week was to visit the NYC Chocolate Show at Pier 94 in Manhattan. I was pleased to receive an invitation from Deborah Kwan, the Valrhona publicist, to attend the event. I […]

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Alinea NYC

The Astor Center was the scene last Thursday night of the NY Public’s first opportunity to taste Grant Achatz’ cooking in their home city. Grant Achatz, Nick Kokonas and a crew from the restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago were in the […]

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Cesare Casella’s Salumeria Rosi

Stayiing at the apartment of friends in the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week, I was curious to try the new salumeria in the area owned and run by Cesare Casella, Salumeria Rosi. having heard a rumor that the […]

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The Dairy Show

I just came across a blog previously unknown to me that I wish to share –The Dairy Show, done by Michael Crupain, a former neurosurgery resident and current medical director at a start-up biotech company. Michael is a Slow Food […]

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Book Covers

There is an old adage that I’m sure is well known by all – "one can’t judge a book by its cover." There is a lot of wisdom in that adage as we all have known beauty hidden underneath an […]

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Blogging Work

I have discovered that operating a blog takes a fair amount of work. So far I have managed one introductory post, some blog construction (very much incomplete) and zero photos except for one obligatory one of me (and Paul Liebrandt) […]

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A New Blog

What the world needs now is a new blog – right. Well, despite no real
need for yet another personal voice in a vast sea of personal voices, I
have decided to try my hand at blogging. Though I am new to […]

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