Edible Manhattan

While at the Union Square Green market last Saturday, I picked up a copy of the latest issue (No. 2) of Edible Manhattan, the new magazine "celebrating Gotham’s Food Culture, Season by season." While the magazine is mostly available online (only select articles from the current issue), seeing it for the first time in its print version gives a better sense of its overall approach and quality. Like most of its sister publications in the Edible Communities pantheon, its production values are wonderfully high. The quality of the writing by such well known names like Regina Schrambling and Ed Levine and rising stars like Tejal Rao as well as the photography under the helm of Michael Harlan Turkell are superb. Even the ads in the magazine are worthwhile. One of them for the Pride of New York Program even featured some friends from the area upstate where I live.

What sets this edible magazine apart from its siblings is that all the others focus on agriculture in addition to food production, while this one focuses pretty much on food sourcing, preparation and eating given a significant dearth of farms in the borough. Even Edible Brooklyn is able to spend considerable energy covering Brooklyn originated food production with a few farms and some fishing. Not to worry though as Manhattan is at the moment packed with all sorts of interesting food angles worthy of the magazine’s pages that should keep it interesting and beautiful for some time to come.

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