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What the world needs now is a new blog – right. Well, despite no real
need for yet another personal voice in a vast sea of personal voices, I
have decided to try my hand at blogging. Though I am new to posting my
very own blog, I am not new to the internet and to posting my thoughts,
opinions and photos. I have been long involved with the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters,
even before it bore that lofty name and was simply known as eGullet. I
became absorbed in that website and reading and writing about all
things culinary back in 2003 when I failed to leave for a medical trip
to China during the height of the SARS epidemic. I was suffering from a
pre-existing respiratory bug and did not feel like tempting fate. With
two weeks off from work and feeling poorly, I did not have much else to
do but surf the internet. I came across eGullet with the time to
explore it and was instantly hooked. Since that day I have spent an
inordinate amount of my free time (especially if you ask my wife)
reading, writing and moderating for that site and organization. It was
and still is a labor of love.

eGullet is, in fact, where I coined my nom de plume – "docsconz."
Nearly everyone with the surname of "Sconzo" in the United States has
had at one time or another, the nickname "Sconz." Since I am a
practicing physician (Anesthesiologist), I thought it appropriate to
add the prefix "doc" to the nickname. It stuck and so I have decided to
also use the name for my blog.

My principle career is as a practicing Anesthesiologist. It is a job
that I enjoy (most of the time) and think that I am pretty good at. It
has also helped finance my interests in food, wine and travel, all of
which will be the main themes of this blog. Throughout the course of
these developing interests I have enjoyed writing about my experiences,
photographing them and sharing them. My most extensive and personal
eGullet accounts will be linked to on this blog and will be accessible
directly from here. The elements I have enjoyed documenting the most
are major culinary conferences such as Starchefs ICC, Madrid Fusion,
The World of Flavors and others as well as my culinary travel
adventures. In addition, I also plan on using this forum to document
the many culinary treasures of the area I call home in northeastern new
York. As co-founder and current President of the Slow Food Saratoga
Region convivium, I hope to provide ample evidence of the agricultural
and culinary bounty we enjoy in our region. Eating well is one of my
greatest pleasures. As such, I will report on interesting food finds in
restaurants and in homes including my own.

I have come to know and befriend many fascinating people within the
culinary world. I hope to occasionally convince some of them to add
their two cents to this blog and provide some interesting and varied

Lastly, I welcome constructive comments and questions as any good blog is enlivened by dialogue and is more than a soliloquy.

I hope that you enjoy!
John M. Sconzo, M.D.

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