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Roasted Pumpkin and Chipotles Puree

Thanksgiving is already over but I would like to share here one dish that I made on Thanksgiving. It was a roasted pumpkin and chipotle puree,
that turned out really, really delicious.

Using a technique I learned from Alex
Talbot and Aki Kamozawa […]

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Article by: Suzanne Carreker-Voigt, Saratoga
Farmers’ Market Coordinator

puddings!, and TURKEYS!, Chicks, raisins, and nuts!!!!
forward and taste them; without if’s or buts;
Bring none of your slim, little appetites here-
Day comes only once a year!!!!

And so we would begin
every Thanksgiving Day in our […]

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Friends in Need

I received an email a short while ago that I believe deserves further attention. I don't personally know the people involved nor am I personally familiar with the work that they are doing, but I believe the kind of work […]

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Remembering My Mother

 November is a difficult month for my family. My lovely mother-in-law died four years ago, my father twelve and it started back in 1991 when my darling mother, Irma Sconzo,  passed away on Thanksgiving morning at the age of 74 […]

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Looking Ahead in NYC

While there are plenty of excellent restaurants already open and operating in NYC, there are a few in the offing that I am very excited about and will plan to get to as soon as I can.

The first is […]

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Local Treasure

The Saratoga Region of northeastern New York is blessed with some fantastic produce, excellent variety and quality of meats, amazing cheeses and fine artisanal food producers and restaurants, but is there a greater local treasure when it comes to things […]

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The NYC Chocolate Show

There are few if any flavors or foods more universally beloved than chocolate. I know I can't give it up even though it is a potential contributor to the formation of kidney stones – and I have had kidney stones! […]

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Remembering My Father

 My father, Lawrence J. Sconzo, M.D. meant a lot to me and I think of him often, even as today marks twelve years since he passed away at the age of 84. If one examines the conception wheel charts that […]

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Corton – Liebrandt Shines in Tribeca

In these trying economic times, it must be particularly daunting for anyone daring to open an ambitious restaurant. That must be particularly true right now in New York City, the epicenter of the worst financial melt down in ages. Corton […]

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Scary Times

It has taken some time for the United States to be taken seriously as a culinary culture and that culture is currently as advanced as it has ever been. America has produced some of the greatest chefs and most amazing […]

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